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Profile picture of Adam  Lasky

Adam Lasky

Role: I'm a highly accomplished executive and growth marketing expert who helps consumer startups launch, scale, and refine their marketing programs. I have 14+ years of experience leading and scaling hyper-growth companies from their infancy to $2m to $135m in annualized revenue. My journey has taken me from an entry-level marketing coordinator to VP of Marketing to CEO. I've been known to tell great stories, think strategically, execute flawlessly, and do more with less.

Industry: Ecommerce

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Accomplishments in my industry

  • Scaled TeePublic from $8m to $135m in annualized revenue by building a performance marketing machine
  • Grew Teefury acquisition revenue by 97% and retention revenue by 54%
  • Pivoted a company from relying on customer acquisition for profit growth to customer retention and delivered a YoY increase in retention revenue from $12m to $64m

About me

With over a decade of experience, my career has been dedicated to transforming startups into high-revenue entities. Specializing in scaling ecommerce platforms, I've led TeePublic from $8m to $135m in annualized revenue, establishing a robust performance marketing framework that became the company's growth engine. At TeeFury, I spearheaded efforts that increased acquisition revenue by 97% and retention revenue by 54%, demonstrating my ability to drive profit growth at scale.

My approach to executive leadership centers on cultivating company culture and building high-performing teams. I've implemented strategic brand building and advanced customer acquisition and retention strategies, including email, CRM, and lifecycle marketing. My hands-on experience in performance marketing and my strategic vision have been pivotal in saving TeePublic's 2022 fiscal year by scaling customer retention revenue.


  • English: native

My time zone

  • Eastern Time (New York)

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