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Founded in 2023 in Groningen, Netherlands, GoReply revolutionizes how professional expertise is utilized and valued. Our platform enables individuals to engage in short, impactful consultancy sessions, allowing them to leverage their specialized skills for social good. Through skill-based philanthropy, GoReply empowers professionals to contribute to their communities, align their work with corporate CSR strategies, and make a tangible impact, transforming traditional consulting into a tool for positive change.

What is GoReply?

GoReply is a transformative platform for knowledge workers like leaders, analysts, engineers, and researchers to monetize their expertise through skill-based philanthropy. It facilitates direct engagements by allowing users to create profiles where clients can book consultations. This setup not only empowers professionals to share their skills but also supports CSR initiatives by turning these interactions into opportunities for charitable contributions, enhancing the impact of each consultation.

Make the world a better place

Our commitment is to better the world. Experts using GoReply have the option to donate a part of their earnings from each paid contact request to charity. They can freely select from recognized charities or contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Let's make the
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Meet the team

Meet the founder

GoReply is dedicated to redefining professional engagement through skill-based philanthropy. Our team is driven by a shared vision to leverage professional skills for charitable impact, transforming interactions in the professional sphere into avenues for social good.

Photo of Reinier de Jonge
Photo of Reinier de Jonge Reinier de Jonge

Reinier, driven by passion for philanthrophy is the entrepreneur behind GoReply. With GoReply he hopes to build a platform that transforms professional expertise into charitable impact.

Photo of Richard van Velzen
Photo of Richard van Velzen Richard van Velzen

Richard is a tech enthusiast with a passion for integrating innovative technologies into practical solutions. His extensive knowledge in software development and IT make him an indispensable part of our team.

Every consultation counts

At GoReply, our team is committed to advancing corporate CSR by enabling companies to meet their ESG goals through skill-based philanthropy. Our platform enhances the value of professional consultancy by channeling expertise into societal impact. Each consultation not only drives professional growth but also supports charitable causes, aligning corporate strategies with global sustainability objectives. Join us as we redefine corporate consulting to achieve profound ESG impacts,, one valuable consultation at a time.

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