Profile picture of Bianca (Belcher) Duff, MPH, PA-C
Profile picture of Bianca (Belcher) Duff, MPH, PA-C

Bianca (Belcher) Duff, MPH, PA-C

Role: Healthcare Operations Leader and Strategy Innovator

Industry: Hospitals and Health Care

Accomplishments in my industry

  • Managed national primary care and multispecialty medical group at Steward Health Care.
  • Implemented cost savings mechanism for clinic supply chain nationally.
  • Developed and drove provider strategy to improve patient outcomes at Steward Health Care.

About me

With over a decade of experience in healthcare management, my focus has been on integrating data analytics to enhance healthcare operations and strategic planning. My approach is centered on improving health outcomes and reducing costs through innovative strategies, such as the implementation of value-based care models and effective Medicare/Medicaid ACO management.

My achievements include managing a national primary care and multispecialty medical group, implementing cost-saving mechanisms for clinic supply chains, and developing provider strategies that significantly improve patient outcomes. I am committed to advancing healthcare through strategic physician recruitment and contracting, ensuring excellence in patient care and operational efficiency.


  • English: native

My time zone

  • Eastern Time (New York)

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