Profile picture of Lex Sokolin
Profile picture of Lex Sokolin

Lex Sokolin

Role: Founder and Investor in Fintech, AI, and Web3

Industry: Financial Technology and Innovation

Accomplishments in my industry

  • Founded and led multiple Fintech and Wealthtech startups to successful acquisitions
  • Spearheaded ConsenSys' fintech/DeFi strategy and product development
  • Managed venture capital fund Generative Ventures focusing on machine economy

About me

Lex is a builder and investor working on the next generation of socio-economics and financial services. He is the Managing Partner and co-Founder of Generative Ventures, an engaged venture capital fund investing in the Machine Economy powered by Fintech, accelerated by AI, and settled on Web3.

Previously, Lex held the roles of Chief Economist, Chief Marketing Officer, and Global Fintech Co-Head at Consensys, a leading Web3 blockchain software company, where he focused on protocol cryptoeconomics, digital assets, public and private blockchains, decentralized finance, and DAOs. Prior, he was the Global Director of Fintech Strategy at Autonomous Research, an equity research firm serving institutional investors, where he covered artificial intelligence, blockchain, neobanks, digital lenders, roboadvisors, payments, insurtech, and mixed reality. Before Autonomous, Lex was Chief Operating Officer at AdvisorEngine, a digital wealthtech platform, and CEO of NestEgg Wealth, a roboadvisor that partnered with financial advisors. Lex started his career in investment management and banking at Barclays, Lehman Brothers, and Deutsche Bank.

Lex has contributed thought leadership to the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Bloomberg, FT, Reuters, Coindesk, American Banker, ThinkAdvisor, Investment News, among others. His industry newsletter, the Fintech Blueprint, reaches over 180,000 subscribers. Lex earned a JD/MBA from Columbia University and a B.A. in Economics and Law from Amherst College.


  • English: native

My time zone

  • Greenwich Mean Time (London)

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