Profile picture of Rebecca Irby
Profile picture of Rebecca Irby

Rebecca Irby

Role: Expert in SEL, Diversity, Policy and UN Consultancy

Industry: Education, Nonprofit, Policy

5% of my earnings will be donated

to Amnesty International

Accomplishments in my industry

  • Won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize as part of the ICAN team
  • Holds ECOSOC Special Consulting Status at the United Nations with PEAC Institute
  • Developed the profession of Social Emotional Learning Coordinator

About me

Part of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize-winning team, my work is rooted in fostering peace and cross-cultural communication. With a focus on curriculum design for Social Emotional Learning (SEL), I've been instrumental in implementing SEL programs in schools and training educators in these methodologies. My expertise extends to developing inclusive workplace policies and conducting effective bias training, ensuring environments where difficult conversations on race and equity can be navigated with empathy and understanding.

As a Special Consultant to the United Nations, holding ECOSOC Special Consulting Status, my contributions have influenced global policy discussions. The creation of the Social Emotional Learning Coordinator role is a testament to my commitment to educational innovation. My approach is always collaborative, heart-centered, and aimed at building bridges across diverse communities.


  • English: native

My time zone

  • Eastern Time (New York)

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