Profile picture of Victor H.
Profile picture of Victor H.

Victor H.

Role: Investor with a knack for nurturing early-stage tech startups

Industry: Venture Capital and Private Equity

Accomplishments in my industry

  • Led early-stage investments at Speedinvest
  • Co-founded Zeitgeist, a sustainable fashion platform
  • Developed growth strategies for Cardino's EV marketplace

About me

With a focus on early-stage investment strategies, I've led investments at Speedinvest, identifying and nurturing promising tech startups. My approach to startup evaluation and due diligence is meticulous, ensuring that only the most viable and innovative ideas receive the support they need to flourish.

My entrepreneurial journey includes co-founding Zeitgeist, a sustainable fashion platform, which has given me firsthand experience in developing sustainable business models. At Cardino, I crafted market entry strategies and growth tactics, significantly impacting user acquisition and retention.


  • English: native
  • German: native

My time zone

  • Central European Time (Berlin)

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