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Privacy Policy

Last updated August 31, 2023

We appreciate your trust in our products and services. In order to provide the GoReply marketplace platform through our website (, mobile application, and through the services we provide (collectively, the website, application, and services referred to as our "Site"), and continue to make them better, GoReply BV  ("GoReply," "we," "us," or "our") collects information from you.

This Privacy Policy explains how GoReply collects, stores, uses, transfers, and discloses your personal information (as defined in Section 2 below).

1. Scope of GoReply Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all aspects of our Site as well as to information we may collect offline. GoReply is the data controller for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR"); and "personal information" as used in this Privacy Policy is "personal data," as defined in Article 4(1) of the GDPR. In some circumstances, GoReply BV is also a data controller. This will be the case if you:

  1. apply for a job with GoReply BV
  2. discuss participating or participate on the Site as an Expert User via GoReply BV

This Site may link to or incorporate websites or content hosted and served by others over which we have no control, such as third party websites, online properties, platforms, social media, or systems, which are each governed by the privacy policy and business practices of the third party. You understand and agree that GoReply is not responsible for the security, privacy, or business practices of any third party.

2. Information We Collect

We collect information from you directly, automatically when you visit the Site, and sometimes from third parties. Some of this information may be considered "personal information" under various applicable laws. We consider information that identifies you as a specific, identified individual to be personal information (such as your name, telephone number, and e-mail address), as well as additional information, including IP addresses and cookie identifiers, where required by applicable law. And, if we combine information that we consider to be non-personal with personal information, we will treat the combined information as personal information under this Privacy Policy. In the limited circumstances in which we may process sensitive personal information as defined by applicable law, we process such information as permitted by and in compliance with applicable law. Note that we may de-identify personal information so that it is non-personal, such as by aggregating it or converting it to a code, sometimes using a function known as a "hash." We will treat de-identified information as non-personal to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

  1. Information You Provide

    GoReply may collect personal information from you when you:

    1. Create an Account on, Login to, or Interact with the Site

      GoReply collects your name and email address and the other information that you provide, such as a telephone number, when you register or login, update, or add information or content to your account. We require you to create a username and password if you create an account, although we may enable other methods such as logging in through one of your existing social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and X (collectively, "Social Media Platforms") or your e-mail provider such as Outlook, Gmail or your Apple ID. GoReply also collects certain information relating to any Social Media Platform account or Apple ID that you use to log in to or link to your GoReply account (such as your username, bio, and number of followers), although linking any such account to your GoReply account or logging into GoReply via such account is entirely up to you. If you create an account using a GoReply-provided referral link or code through one of our referral programs, we also receive certain information relating to your use of the unique link.

    2. Login with Google, Apple or Microsoft

      If you choose to log in with Google, Apple or Microsoft, we use the Google, Apple or Microsoft account resources to authenticate you.
      We will use your email address and name to create a GoReply account for you.

    3. Connect Google account resources

      GoReply's use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements

      Connect your Gmail inbox
      If you choose to connect your Gmail to your GoReply inbox, we use the Gmail account resources to create a label called 'GoReply Inbox.'
      After that, we will read emails that will be added to this label to create a GoReply contact request.
      We do not read emails that do not have the 'GoReply Inbox' label.

      Connect your Google Calendar
      If you choose to connect your Google Calendar to GoReply, we use the Google Calendar account to:

      • Import start and end times of events in your calendar to block those timeslots in the GoReply scheduling application
      • Automatically create events in your calendar when a new 1:1 consultation is booked
      • Attach a Google Meet videoconferencing link to the created event

      The data we store from your Calendar is limited to a random unique identifier per event and the event's start and end times.

    4. Make a Purchase through the Site

      GoReply collects the information that you provide when you request a GoReply Conversation or other offering, including, for example and as applicable, your name and email address, any mobile telephone contact number (of you or the recipient) you choose to provide, the name of the recipient, and the details that you provide as part of your request.
      When you purchase merchandise, we also collect shipping and delivery information. We collect information of the recipients that you provide to us to the extent necessary to provide the GoReply offering, either as part of the content or for the transaction itself (for example, we share the recipient’s name and the details of the request with the applicable GoReply "Expert User") or to deliver merchandise.
      For processing payments, GoReply uses the third party payment provider Stripe. See Stripe's privacy policy for more details

    5. Participate in Sweepstakes, Contests, or Other Promotional Activities

      GoReply collects the information that you provide when you enter a sweepstakes, contest, or promotional activities (each, a "Promotion") through our Site. Each Promotion has its own terms and conditions or official rules, which you should review as they may contain other requirements (such as, allowing use of your name or likeness in advertising unless prohibited by applicable law).

    6. Contact Customer Service through the Site

      GoReply collects the information that you provide in connection with us providing you customer service.

    7. Provide Content to the Site

      We collect information when you submit content to us, such as a reply, review, photo, email, text, social media post, or other communication (each, a "Submission") and, if you are an Expert User, when you submit "Expert Content". Each Submission, whether submitted to our Site directly or through a Social Media Platform, and all Expert Content, is subject to the applicable Terms of Service. As a result, others may access it, use it, and share it in accordance with the Terms of Service.

    8. Sync Contacts or Connect with Friends

      If you choose to upload, sync, or import the contact information of your contacts from your device (such as your address book), or otherwise share such contact information with us, we will collect and store that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You represent that you have obtained the consent of your contacts to share this information with us. We may use this information to identify which of your contacts are users of the Site, to provide services to you, to help you find and connect with people you know, help others find and connect with you, and to customize the content we present to you and to other Site users.

    9. Use Social Media with the Site

      We collect information when you interact with our Site through any "Social Media Platform"). For example, we may enable you to use certain of your existing Social Media Platform accounts to create an account on our Site or "like" or "share" content from our Site. Doing so may allow us to collect (or the third party to share) information about you. Some of your information, such as your username, may be publicly displayed. We may also receive information about you if other users of a Social Media Platform give us access to their profiles and you are one of their connections or "friends". In addition, we and the Social Media Platform may have access to information about you and your use of our Site and the Social Media Platform. The information we collect is subject to this Privacy Policy. The information that any third party collects is subject to its privacy practices (including whether it shares information with us, the types of information shared, and your choices about what may be visible to others).

    10. Use the Site as an Expert User

      When you use our Site to become or as an Expert User, we collect, in addition to information provided when you create your account, your name, email address, telephone number, and the social media usernames you provide, GoReply Replies and other offerings prepared by you, and other information relating to our relationship with you, such as payment information. GoReply’s payments to you are made through the third party payment provider selected by GoReply. You should review the payment provider’s privacy policy before providing your personal information, as it is responsible for personal information (as a data controller if you’re in the UK or EEA) in its own right, and its privacy practices may vary from ours.

    11. Become a GoReply Partner

      When you become a "GoReply Partner" including through our Site, in addition to information you provide if you create an account on the Site, we collect your name, email address, telephone number, and other information relating to our relationship with you, including payment information. GoReply’s payments to you are made through the third party payment provider selected by GoReply. You should review the payment provider’s privacy policy before providing your personal information, as it is responsible for personal information (as a data controller if you’re in the UK or EEA) in its own right, and its privacy practices may vary from ours.

    12. Apply for a Job with GoReply

      We collect the information you provide when you apply for a job with us (for example, through the "Jobs" link on our Site) or directly; this may include your name, contact information, employment history, educational background, any self-identifying information (such as gender, and ethnicity) and other information you provide. Please note that your use of a third party tool or third-party applicant tracking system utilized by GoReply (e.g., LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.) to apply is subject to the third party’s privacy policy.

  2. Information from Third Parties

    We may also obtain information, such as contact details (for example, name and email address), country, IP address, purchase histories, marketing preferences, cookie information, hardware and software information and other technical information about you from third parties, such as other users of the Site who upload information or sync their contacts, analytics companies, Social Media Platforms, and other third party business partners, such as a GoReply Partner. For example, if you discuss becoming an Expert User through a GoReply Partner, we will collect your name, email address, telephone number, and the social media usernames you provide relating to that relationship from the GoReply Partner.

    We and our third party business partners may collect information about your visits to and activity on our Site and other websites and services. We may combine that information with other personal information we have collected from or about you. We may share certain of this information with third party business partners for similar purposes.

3. Cookies and Tracking Technologies

  1. Cookies and Tracking

    When you visit our Site or otherwise interact with us or our content, we and third-party advertising and analytics companies and other third party business partners may use a variety of tracking and other technologies that automatically or passively collect certain information ("Usage Information").

    We may use these technologies for a number of reasons, including to save your preferences for future visits, to our Site, keep you logged in between visits, to serve targeted advertising to you, and to provide you with improved services. If you sign up for our text messaging program, cookies may also be used to personalize your experience (e.g. send you personalized text messages such as shopping cart reminders). The information we collect may include (but is not limited to):

    1. date and time of your visit to our Site;
    2. areas you visit within our Site;
    3. links that you click on within our Site;
    4. websites or advertisements you visit before or after visiting our Site;
    5. terms you entered into a search engine that lead you to our Site;
    6. IP address, mobile device identifier, or other unique identifier and usage information for the device used to access our Site;
    7. device and connection information, such as browser type and version, operating system, and platform; and
    8. whether an email message we sent was opened, and whether a link in the email message was clicked.
  2. Methods We Use to Collect

    The methods that may be used to collect Usage Information include the following:

    1. Cookies and Local Storage

      Cookies are small text files that are stored in a computer's browser directory. They help site providers with things like understanding how people use a site, remembering a User's login details, and storing site preferences.
      Some cookies are essential to the functioning of the Site, and, without them, some features and services you have requested cannot be provided. If you disable cookies, adjust privacy settings on your device, restrict local storage, or otherwise limit these technologies, you may not be able to use some of our Site features.

    2. Web Beacons

      Small graphic images or other web programming code called web beacons (also known as "pixels", "1x1 GIFs" or "clear GIFs") may be included in our web pages and email messages. Web beacons may not be visible to you. Web beacons or similar technologies may be used for a number of purposes, including to count visitors to the Site, to monitor how users navigate the Site, to count how many email messages we sent were opened, and to count whether a link in an email message we sent was clicked.

    3. Embedded Scripts

      An embedded script is a programming code that is designed to collect information about your interactions with the Site, such as the links you click on. The code is temporarily downloaded onto your device from our server or a third party service provider, is active only while you are connected to the Site, and is deactivated or deleted after you are no longer connected.

    4. Plausible

      For website analytics, we use Plausible. See Plausible's privacy policy for more details.


      For providing live chat to our websites, we use See's privacy policy for more details.

    6. ReCaptcha

      For securing our website and form submissions against spam and abuse, we use Google ReCaptcha.

    7. Other Technologies

      We may also use other technologies that collect similar information for security and fraud detection purposes.

  3. "Do Not Track" Signals

    Some Internet browsers may be configured to send "Do Not Track" signals to the online services that you visit. There is no consensus among industry participants as to what "Do Not Track" means in this context. Like many websites and online services, GoReply does not currently alter our practices when we receive a "Do Not Track" signal from a visitor’s browser except as specifically required by law. For information about "do not track" please visit The Future of Privacy Forum.

4. How We Use Information

We may combine information that we have received from you with information from other sources to operate, tailor content, personalize, adjust, and improve our Site. We use your information:

  1. to fulfill your request for a GoReply Reply or other offering or purchase of merchandise, accept your payment, ship and deliver your orders, deliver email messages, and process information you provide through our Site;
  2. to maintain your account, to assist with payment transactions, to facilitate use of the Site, and to communicate with you about your account, our relationship with you, and your use of the Site, such as by verifying your information, requesting that you respond to a survey, or checking on the status of an order or request. We may send you text messages if you have provided us with your mobile telephone number for that purpose;
  3. to establish and manage a relationship with you as an Expert User or a GoReply Partner;
  4. to send you promotional email or text messages communications from GoReply if your settings allow, or you have chosen to receive them (consent to receive automated marketing text messages is not a condition of any purchase);
  5. to conduct and administer a Promotion if you have chosen to participate. We will not share your information with a third party for the third party’s marketing or promotional purposes unless you agree when you choose to participate in the Promotion;
  6. to provide you and others with customer service, to assist in resolving issues, and to evaluate and improve our customer service and processes;
  7. to use any Submission or Expert Content as set forth in the applicable Terms of Service, which may include the public display of some information, such as your name, username, or where you reside;
  8. to consider your job application and, in connection with the application, to fulfill legal reporting requirements, for internal business purposes (such as to evaluating and improving our recruiting processes), or to defend against employment-related claims;
  9. to contact you about administrative matters, such as the applicable Terms of Service, or other issues;
  10. to better understand your personal preferences and to enable us to provide you with improved and personalized communications and services;
  11. to compile aggregate data about Site traffic and interaction;
  12. to tailor the content and advertising we display to you or others, on our Site or elsewhere, and to analyze trends and statistics;
  13. to create advertising models through lookalike modeling or other research methodologies;
  14. for internal business purposes, such as improving our Site, products, and services and to comply with legal requirements and our business practices, such as our recordkeeping, backup, and document retention policies; and
  15. for other reasons that (a) we disclose when asking you to provide your information, (b) with your consent, or (c) as described in this Privacy Policy.

5. How We Share Information

We share non-personal information, such as aggregated statistics and de-identified information, with third parties to the extent permitted by applicable law. GoReply also shares personal information as provided below in more detail. We do not share personal information with any third party to use for its own marketing or promotional purposes without your consent.

  1. Third Parties Providing Services on our behalf

    We use third parties to perform certain services on our behalf, such as hosting the Site or Site features, providing website usage analytics, fulfilling orders, processing payments, sending email or other communications, providing marketing assistance and data analysis or enhancement, running Promotions, or performing other administrative services. We may share information about you with these third parties to allow them to execute, deliver, or improve the services that they provide for you and for GoReply.

  2. GoReply Partners

    If you are an Expert User, we may disclose your information to the GoReply Partner who introduced you to us in connection with the services that the GoReply Partner is providing and for the GoReply Partner’s business purposes (for example, record-keeping and tax reporting).

  3. Employment Applications

    If you apply for a job with GoReply or any of our subsidiaries or affiliates, we or our service providers may ask you to provide self-identifying information (such as, gender, and ethnicity) Providing such self-identifying information is voluntary, but if you do provide such information, we and our service providers may submit that information to the appropriate government or regulatory agencies to fulfill reporting requirements and use that information to defend against employment-related complaints.

  4. Sweepstakes, Contests, and Other Promotional Activities

    If you participate in a Promotion, we may disclose your information to third parties or to the public in connection with conducting and administering the Promotion, for example, to select a winner, provide a prize, as required by applicable law (such as publishing a list of winners), or as permitted by the applicable terms and conditions or official rules of the Promotion.

  5. When You Request That We Share Your Information

    We may share information when you request us to do so, for example, if you opt in to receive a communication from a third party or if you engage with a Social Media Platform or other third party application or feature through which information about you is shared.

  6. Administrative Reasons, To Enforce and Protect Legal Rights

    1. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we will disclose your personal information pursuant to a law, regulation, court order, or other legal request or process, such as disclosure to law enforcement or other government officials or agencies in connection with any investigation, for example of fraud, intellectual property infringement, or any other activity that is or may be illegal or may expose GoReply, you, or another to legal liability. This disclosure may include legal requests from a jurisdiction outside the United States when we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law, regulation, court order, or other legal request or process in that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally-recognized standards.
    2. We will disclose your personal information when necessary to exercise, enforce, establish, or defend our legal rights. For example, we may review your account information in order to investigate allegations of hacking or a breach of the applicable Terms of Service. We will disclose your personal information to our legal and other advisors, consultants, and law enforcement or other government entities.
  7. Protecting Others

    We will disclose your personal information to third parties when we believe the disclosure is necessary to protect rights, property, or safety of another. For example, we disclose personal information relating to a Site account if we in good faith believe that a Site account is being used in ways that are harmful to another or contrary to the applicable Terms of Service.

  8. Business Transfers

    In evaluating or engaging in a sale of assets, merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, or other transaction, we reserve the right to disclose, transfer, or assign your personal information and communications. By providing your personal information, you agree that we may transfer such information to the acquiring entity without your further consent.

6. Children and Parents

Our Site is intended for a general audience and not for use by anyone younger than the age of 18 in the Netherlands (or under the applicable legal age outside the Netherlands). We do not knowingly collect personal information from children younger than the age of 18 (or under the applicable legal age outside of the Netherlands), without the consent of a parent or legal guardian; if we learn that we have done so, we will promptly remove the information from our active databases. If you are a parent or legal guardian who believes that we have collected or used your child’s personal information without your consent, please contact us.

7. Your Choices

  1. Cookie and Marketing Preferences

    To stop receiving marketing email communications from GoReply, click on the "unsubscribe" link in the footer of the email. We may continue to send you email communications relating to your account or use of the Site even if you have unsubscribed. As noted above, you will receive a confirmation text. To manage your cookie preferences, use the settings in your web browser.

  2. Third Party Advertising and Analytics Companies and Your Choices

    GoReply works with third party network advertisers, ad agencies, and other advertising partners to serve GoReply ads online. We may use information we have learned about you to target ads to you and to allow third parties to target ads to you. We also use third party analytics providers to provide us with information regarding the use of the Site and the effectiveness of our advertisements. These third parties may set and access their own tracking technologies on your device (including cookies and web beacons), and they may otherwise collect or have access to information about you, including Usage Information. We and our third party advertising and analytics providers may collect personal information over time when you visit the Site or other online websites and services.

    We may share non-personal information, including information that has been de-identified, aggregated user statistics, and Usage Information, directly or indirectly through third party business providers, with third party advertising companies, analytics providers, and other third parties, including for the purpose of serving you more relevant ads. We may retain third party providers to help us perform these tasks. For example, we may share personal information with third parties who combine and link information from GoReply with information from other sources. These third party providers may then make non-personal information available to third party advertisers, including information about your interests and preferences, to enable them to serve you more relevant ads.

    For mobile applications, you may be able to limit certain advertising practices using the settings on your mobile telephone, tablet, or other mobile device. On most mobile devices, you can install the DAA’s AppChoices app to make choices about cross-app interest-based advertisements from participating third parties. For information from NAI about opting out on mobile devices, click here.

8. Accessing Personal Information and Retention Period

  1. Accessing Your Account

    Please note that if you choose not to provide us with certain personal information, we may not always be able to provide you with the relevant GoReply product or service that you request. For example, without providing an email address, you will not be able to create a Site account.

    1. If you have a Site Account, you may access, view, correct, or update certain personal information collected about you, as well as deactivate or delete the account through the account services portal on Expert Users may also deactivate their account by contacting their GoReply expert representative.
    2. If you have any concerns about how we are using your personal information, would like to access, correct, or delete the personal information that you have provided to us, please contact us; see Contact Us.
  2. Retention Period

    When you request that we delete your personal information, we will take commercially reasonable steps to remove it from our active databases but will keep original information consistent with our business practices to the extent permitted by applicable law (for example, for purposes of dispute resolution, enforcement of agreements, complying with legal requirements, recordkeeping, backup, and document retention).

9. Data Security

GoReply takes commercially reasonable security measures to protect the information submitted to us. However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, and you use our Site and transmit information to us at your own risk. If you have any questions about security on our Site, please contact us; see Contact Us.

GoReply strictly uses essential and functional cookies. Read our privacy policy for details