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Earnings and payments

How does GoReply ensure the donated funds reach the right charities?

GoReply handles all the logistics of transferring the donation from the contact request to the respective charities. We have a system in place to ensure that the funds reach the right charities in a timely manner. Based on the total transaction volume we will process the payments to each charity Monthly or quarterly. We will publish all donations on our website.

Can I refund a contact request payment?

Once a contact request is paid for you can still accept or deny the contact request. When you deny a contact request the money will be refunded. When you accept a payment request you will have to supply a reply within 7 days. If a reply is not send within 7 days the contact request will be refunded.

How often are donations made to the charities?

Donations accumulated from contact requests are sent to the respective charities on a regular basis, such as monthly or quarterly based on the total amount that is due to that specific charity. We will publish all donations on our website.

How can I track my donations?

GoReply provides a dashboard where you can track your earnings and see how much you've contributed to your chosen charity.

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