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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Profile picture of AnnaLaura Brown
AnnaLaura Brown

Starting at $20

Logo for Autoimmune Rehab

Holistic Health Advocate, Essential Oils Educator, and Wellness Content Creator

Profile picture of Bianca (Belcher) Duff, MPH, PA-C
Bianca (Belcher) Duff, MPH, PA-C

Starting at $75

Logo for Steward Health Care

Healthcare Operations Leader and Strategy Innovator

Profile picture of Dan Remon
Dan Remon

Starting at $80

Logo for Fitcorp Group

Strategic Leader in Corporate Wellness and High-Performance Coaching

Profile picture of Lisette de Jonge
Lisette de Jonge

Starting at €65

Logo for IKEA

Global Health Strategist and Wellbeing Innovator

100% of my earnings will be donated

to The Red Cross

Profile picture of Kenan Kraković
Kenan Kraković

Starting at €5

Logo for EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)

Guiding Aspiring Scientists to Academic Excellence

Profile picture of John Benjamin Gochoco
John Benjamin Gochoco

Starting at $40

Dedicated Dermatologist with a Focus on Innovative Care

Profile picture of Lady Juliet Mora Guevara
Lady Juliet Mora Guevara

Starting at £25

Logo for Airtech BPO

Expert in Chemical Engineering & Drug Discovery

Profile picture of Muhammad Hassan
Muhammad Hassan

Starting at $15

Expert in Medical Transcription and Quality Control

Profile picture of Dr Nathan Maynard
Dr Nathan Maynard

Starting at £40

Logo for NHS

Consultant Psychiatrist

Profile picture of Debbie

Starting at £15

Logo for You Make It

Expert in Creative Therapies and Mental Health Innovation

Profile picture of Dr Flavian Naclad
Dr Flavian Naclad

Starting at £65

Logo for Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Psychiatrist & Doctorpreneur

Profile picture of Fatima Yaseen
Fatima Yaseen

Starting at $25

Logo for Mind Professionals - Therapy Center [Pakistan]

Clinical Psychologist Specializing in Adult, Adolescent Counselling, Assessment and developing treatment plans

Profile picture of Daulat Aslam
Daulat Aslam

Starting at $25

Logo for Naeem Surgical Hospital and Maternity Complex

Healthcare Administration Expert with HR and Business Planning Acumen

Profile picture of nazma saeed
nazma saeed

Starting at $15

Dedicated Speech and Language Therapist

Profile picture of Ashleigh Keating
Ashleigh Keating

Starting at $40

Logo for Children and Young People with Disability Australia

Championing Inclusive Education and Youth Disability Advocacy

Profile picture of Nischal P.M.
Nischal P.M.

Starting at $25

Founder of Archiradhi Communications, Medical Communications Expert and Strategic Content Developer

Profile picture of Jefrey Joy
Jefrey Joy

Starting at $40

Logo for JoyBitz

Salesforce Health Cloud Expert and Strategic Advisor

Profile picture of Cora H.
Cora H.

Starting at $40

Logo for Breathe Life Therapy

Guiding Postpartum Parents to Mindful Wellness

25% of my earnings will be donated

to Joint SDG Fund

Profile picture of Clive Roper BSc PhD CBiol CSci ERT FRSB
Clive Roper BSc PhD CBiol CSci ERT FRSB

Starting at £80

Logo for PeptiMatrix

In Vitro Toxicology Expert and Non-Animal Testing Strategist

20% of my earnings will be donated

to The Red Cross

Profile picture of Joe Feghali
Joe Feghali

Starting at $150

Logo for FIT Fitness.Innovation.Therapy.

Innovative Leader in Fitness and Wellness

Profile picture of Dunya Gul
Dunya Gul

Starting at $5

Logo for Upwork

Epert in Financial Accounting & Medical Billing Optimization

Profile picture of Yasir A.
Yasir A.

Starting at $5

Expert in Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Profile picture of Chris James
Chris James

Starting at £20

Logo for Chris James | Men's Health Coach

Health Coach specialising in Sustainable Health, Lifestyle and Behavioural Change

Profile picture of Craig Beadnall
Craig Beadnall

Starting at £10

Logo for Evidence Based Coaching

Expert in Executive Health and Productivity Enhancement

Profile picture of Tom Spyt
Tom Spyt

Starting at £40

Logo for SSAFA the Armed Forces charity

Expert in Career Transition and Personal Development

Profile picture of Scott Walker
Scott Walker

Starting at £65

Logo for Bodyset

Expert in Physiotherapy and Performance Optimisation

Profile picture of Ishank Popli
Ishank Popli

Starting at ₹100

Logo for Honasa Consumer Ltd.

Scaling Brands, Enhancing User Experience, Fostering Growth

Profile picture of Awais Salman
Awais Salman

Starting at €50

Logo for Siemens Energy

Expert in Sustainable Energy Process Design

Profile picture of Issam BELABBES

Starting at €40

Logo for Hoya Vision Care

Expert in Commercial Strategy and Technology-Driven Sales

10% of my earnings will be donated

to Greenpeace

Profile picture of Robert Wojciechowski
Robert Wojciechowski

Starting at $90

Logo for OncoLens

HealthTech Leader | AI/ML Integration | Regulatory Compliance Expert

Profile picture of Kenan Kraković
Kenan Kraković

Starting at €10

Logo for EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne)

Guiding students to academic excellence and top-tier research opportunities

Profile picture of Niraj Kumar Ghosh
Niraj Kumar Ghosh

Starting at $50

Driving Healthcare Innovation with AI and Agile Expertise

Profile picture of Ella Huang, RN
Ella Huang, RN

Starting at $40

Logo for Vancouver Coastal Health

Expert in Nursing Career Advancement and Healthcare Project Strategy

Profile picture of Hubert Misztela
Hubert Misztela

Starting at €100

Logo for Novartis

AI Researcher / Director Data Science in AI Lab at Novartis

Profile picture of Thony Ruys
Thony Ruys

Starting at €50

Logo for ADC

Healthcare Data Expertise and Digital Innovation Advocate

20% of my earnings will be donated


Profile picture of Kiran Vemuri
Kiran Vemuri

Starting at $30

Logo for Caspar.AI

Expert in AI-Driven Health Insights and Product Management

Profile picture of Gretchen

Starting at $25

Licensed Social Worker

5% of my earnings will be donated

to Joint SDG Fund

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