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Financial Services

Profile picture of Jahnvi Shah
Jahnvi Shah

Starting at $40

Logo for NJ IndiaInvest Private Limited

Legal Expertise in Contract Law and Risk Management

Profile picture of Victor H.
Victor H.

Starting at €75

Logo for Speedinvest

Investor with a knack for nurturing early-stage tech startups

Profile picture of Dr. Micol Chiesa Churchill
Dr. Micol Chiesa Churchill

Starting at £125

Logo for Planet Fund

Venture Capital Leader with a Focus on Sustainability

Profile picture of Tasha Rieder, CPA
Tasha Rieder, CPA

Starting at $65

Expert CPA: Elevating Financial Integrity

5% of my earnings will be donated

to Amnesty International

Profile picture of Mike Lan
Mike Lan

Starting at $125

Logo for Capital Group

Guiding Capital Group to Global Investment Leadership

Profile picture of Wouter Cruiming
Wouter Cruiming

Starting at €40

Logo for Finanxe

Expert in Strategic Financial Planning and Tax Optimization

Profile picture of Thuy

Starting at €90

Logo for Credit Suisse

Global Expert in Climate Risk and ESG Integration

Profile picture of Mihir Patelia
Mihir Patelia

Starting at ₹10

Logo for H U Thakrar and Co

ACCA Student and Accounts Assistant with a Creative Edge

Profile picture of Shiva DP
Shiva DP

Starting at $25

Navigating the Complexities of Currency Trading

Profile picture of Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

Starting at $5

ACCA Student Specializing in Finance and Accounting

Profile picture of Seph Santillan
Seph Santillan

Starting at $7

Logo for Raya

Expert in Financial Processes and Accounts Receivable Management

5% of my earnings will be donated

to Amnesty International

Profile picture of Sylvain Asimus
Sylvain Asimus

Starting at £65

Logo for AlphaStory

Personal Finance Navigator

10% of my earnings will be donated

to The Red Cross

Profile picture of Aman Gupta
Aman Gupta

Starting at $40

Logo for Density

Software Engineer Specializing in Trading Systems

Profile picture of Sanju Saini
Sanju Saini

Starting at $40

Logo for Razorpay

Fintech Product Development Expert and Mentor

Profile picture of Rohit Thakur
Rohit Thakur

Starting at $40

Logo for Synechron

Expert Business Analyst Driving Data-Driven Growth

Profile picture of Bhaveen Kumar
Bhaveen Kumar

Starting at €50

Logo for CleverCards

Fintech Strategist | Edtech Innovator | Global Market Expert

Profile picture of Siddhant Pathak
Siddhant Pathak

Starting at $50

Logo for Simpl

Data Science Expert Specializing in AI and Machine Learning

Profile picture of João Ferrão dos Santos
João Ferrão dos Santos

Starting at €500

Logo for AIsthetic Apparel

Venture Capital | Impact Investing | Go-to-Market Strategy | Viral Marketing

Profile picture of Harsh Shrivastava
Harsh Shrivastava

Starting at $75

Logo for Socratus Foundation for Collective Wisdom

Leader in Strategic Development and Policy Advocacy

Profile picture of Russell   Okoth
Russell Okoth

Starting at $90

Logo for Pacific Premier Bank

CISO | Privacy Officer | Enterprise Risk & Data Security Executive | Advisory Board Member | Speaker | Mentor | Cyber & Technology Risk Thought Leader

Profile picture of Patrick Heath
Patrick Heath

Starting at $25

Logo for Ellit Groups

Expert in Financial and Debt/Credit Management

Profile picture of Seshadrinathan "Nathan" Krishnan, FCA, CFA
Seshadrinathan "Nathan" Krishnan, FCA, CFA

Starting at $75

Logo for Numeris

Authority in Financial Strategy and Investment Management

Profile picture of Geert-Jan Smits
Geert-Jan Smits

Starting at €90

Logo for Startup Scorecard

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Advisor | Venture Capital, Digital, Sustainability

5% of my earnings will be donated

to Greenpeace

Profile picture of Alex Carchidi
Alex Carchidi

Starting at $200

Logo for The Motley Fool

Investing Expert

Profile picture of Charles J Costa
Charles J Costa

Starting at $45

Logo for eBay

Founder, Costa Consulting Group

Profile picture of Amit Yadav
Amit Yadav

Starting at $10

Logo for zenda

Fintech-Education Integration Specialist and Product Manager

10% of my earnings will be donated

to The Red Cross

Profile picture of Phil Nadel
Phil Nadel

Starting at $125

Logo for Forefront Venture Partners

Venture Capital Leader and Startup Investment Strategist

Profile picture of Tania Lizeth Cardenas Ayala
Tania Lizeth Cardenas Ayala

Starting at $30

Logo for Landa Club

Strategic Leader in Operations and Sales Growth

Profile picture of Mike Shokin, CFA
Mike Shokin, CFA

Starting at $65

Financial Analyst with a Focus on Blockchain and Crypto Valuation

Profile picture of Rahul jain
Rahul jain

Starting at $60

Logo for Assetmonk

Fintech Leader and AI/ML Innovator

Profile picture of Achini Damunupola
Achini Damunupola

Starting at $15

Logo for RORO

Dedicated Accountant Specializing in Logistics Finance

Profile picture of John J.
John J.

Starting at $25

Logo for Bereishith Capital

Early stage Investment Banking

Profile picture of Alan Chan, CPCU
Alan Chan, CPCU

Starting at $25

Expert in Property & Casualty Insurance Solutions

Profile picture of Ursula

Starting at $5


Hylke Hertoghs

Starting at €100

Expert in Private Equity fund investing

Profile picture of Karel van Dijk
Karel van Dijk

Starting at €30

Adviseur Financieringen voor MKB en Duurzame Projecten

30% of my earnings will be donated

to Greenpeace

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